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The Paramotor Podcast

Mar 31, 2020

Paramotors are fairly simple flying machines. Some like it that way, while others want to add a little flair (literally sometimes) to their paramotor or helmet. Ryan Roberts joins us to share how he's been filling the demand with the products he and his business partners have been designing at PPG Smoke.


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THE PRODUCERS: Daniel Johnson, Dustin Brace, Fred Reiutz, Garrett Leeson, Gustavo Lira, Jordan Potter, Resurgence PPG, Gravity Paramotors, Scubie, Toni Poole, Travis Hutchins, Paragliding Talk (Robert Michiels)

PRODUCTION CREW MEMBERS: Aaron Owisanny, Chris Holbert, Clint Chamales, Craig Buesing, David Northrup, David Wolfe, Doug Bowman, Drew Wizard, Giles Fowler (GolfFoxtrot22), Jim Furhman, Joe Spilker, John Hour, John Rivera, John Staples, Julian Cates, Keith Smith, Kyle O'Glee, Leandra Sanchez, lifeaftertheratrace, Mark Taylor, Matt Sikora, Matthias Krok, Raymond Pearce, Ron Phillips, Sandor Rendeczsky, Steve Packard, Tim Current, Rom Minnick, Tony Renshaw, Wes Hoover, Whitney Horky