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The Paramotor Podcast

May 17, 2019

American para-fighter pilots, Bryan and Anthony, bridge the gap with their British allies, Giles "Clipboard" Fowler and Paul "Paranoob" Mockford. 

(00:00): Bryan shows up to the WRONG party!

(00:30): Language Barriers and Learning our subtle differences


(03:30): The RAFA-40 (Royal Air Force Association)

NOTE: The RAFA-40 was completed to support the service men and women of the Royal Air Force, and their families! To date, they've raised over 2000 pounds for the Royal Air Force Association. 

Click here to support British Service Members!

(14:25) Flying in the United States vs. the United Kingdom

(19:00) Unpredictable Weather during XC flights and trusting in your equipment!

(23:30) Flying a 4-Stroke Motor with pros and cons